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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Internal Payroll Audits: How to Correct Compliance Errors and Detect Fraud2015-10-262015-10-27U.S.A
2.Designing Medical Devices with Cleanliness in Mind - By Compliance Global Inc.2015-11-032015-11-03U.S.A
3.Knowing when to Perform Extended Due Diligence for Treasury Clients2015-10-272015-10-28U.S.A
4.Upgrading from HACCP to "GFSI"2015-10-262015-10-27U.S.A
5.Anti-Money Laundering in the Digital Currency Environment2015-10-152015-10-15U.S.A
6.Procurement Cards (P-Cards) - Fraud Detection, Prevention, and Deterrence2015-10-152015-10-15U.S.A
7.Crowdfunding and the Community Capital Marketplace2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
8.OSHA's Famous Top 10 List of Citations: General Industry and Construction Industry Standards2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
9.Trial Master File (TMF): FDA Expectations from Sponsors and Sites2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
10.Understanding International ACH Transaction2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
11.Product Safety Compliance2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
12.What You Need to Know about Sustainable Green Energy Efficiency and Alternative Energy2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
13.LGBT Workers - Know Their Legal Rights and Their Employers' Legal Obligations2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
14.Operational and Financial Metrics for HR: How to Measure Progress of Strategic Margin and Growth Goals2015-10-272015-10-28U.S.A
15.OSHA Record Keeping Compliance2015-10-142015-10-14U.S.A
16.Fifth International Conference on Embedded Systems and Applications (EMSA-2016)2015-10-172016-01-22United Arab Emirates
17.Due Diligence of Quality Systems for Medical Device Companies2015-10-292015-10-30U.S.A
18.Domestic Violence and Your Employees: Employer's Rights and Responsibilities2015-10-282015-10-29U.S.A
19.Fourth International Conference on Data Mining & Knowledge Management Process (DKMP 2016)2015-10-172016-01-22United Arab Emirates
21.Clinical Trial Site Quality Management System2015-10-282015-10-29U.S.A
22.An Easy to Implement Integrated Risk Management Approach Compliant with ISO 149712015-10-282015-10-29U.S.A
23.Call for Papers - IJORCS, Volume 5 Issue 22015-11-012015-11-01India
24.The 34th International Conference of the System Dynamics Society2016-03-232016-07-18Netherlands
25.Fifth International Conference on Information Technology Convergence and Services (ITCS 2016)2015-10-172016-02-06Australia
26.10th European Conference on Information Systems Management – ECISM 20162016-02-182016-09-08Portugal
27.The Fourth International Conference on Digital Information Processing, E-Business and Cloud Computing (DIPECC2016)2016-08-062016-09-06Malaysia
28.International Conference on Control, Modelling and Computing (CMC - 2015)2015-10-102015-11-06United Arab Emirates
29.11th European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship - ECIE 20162016-02-252016-09-15Finland
30.Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Applications (ARIA 2016)2015-10-172016-02-06Australia
31.Change Control Best Practices: Proposals and Execution2015-10-272015-10-28U.S.A
32.The Fifth International Conference on Signal & Image Processing (SIP 2016)2015-10-172016-02-06Australia
33.Risk Based Approach to Software Quality Validation2015-10-272015-10-28U.S.A
34.Validation and Use of Cloud Computing in FDA Regulated Environment2015-10-142015-10-15U.S.A
35.Fifth International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (JSE-2016)2015-10-172016-02-06Australia
36.Creating a Global Regulatory Plan2015-10-142015-10-15U.S.A
37.Fifth International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SEA-2016)2015-10-172016-01-22United Arab Emirates
38.Strategies for Qualification of Biological Reference Standards2015-10-132015-10-14U.S.A
39.Team Effectiveness: The Five Dysfunctions of A Team by Patrick Lencioni2015-10-132015-10-14U.S.A
40.Fourth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing (AISC-2016)2015-10-172016-01-02Switzerland
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