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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.2015 International Conference on Ceramic Science and Technology (CST 2015)2015-06-032015-07-19China
2.2015 International Conference on Metal Materials and Engineering (MME 2015)2015-06-032015-07-19China
3.Eighth International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering2015-04-122015-07-13Japan
4.IDEAS 2015: 19th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium2015-04-122015-07-13Japan
5.Journal of Machine Intelligence (JoMI)2015-04-102015-05-10U.S.A
6.International Conference on Smart Wearable Devices and IoT for Health and Wellbeing Applications2015-05-312015-10-13Canada
7.Best Practices for Preparing for a Technical File for CE Mark by compliance2go2015-05-192015-05-20U.S.A
8.Practical Application of HIPAA Risk Analysis by compliance2go2015-05-182015-05-19U.S.A
9.Implementing an FDA-Compliant Medical Device Design Control Including DHF, DHR, and DMR by compliance2go2015-05-112015-05-12U.S.A
10.What Device Firms Should Know about Design Control for an Adequate Implementation by compliance2go2015-05-042015-05-05U.S.A
11.Implementing the Best Practices for FDA Inspection Preparation and Management by compliance2go2015-04-292015-04-30U.S.A
12.HACCP in Food service Establishment–Practical Design & Implementation by compliance2go2015-04-212015-04-22U.S.A
13.Sampling Plan for Quality Audits by compliance2go2015-04-192015-04-20U.S.A
14.HIPAA and Patient Access to Records — New Focus for Audits and Enforcement by compliance2go2015-04-132015-04-14U.S.A
15.Second International Conference on Next Generation Computing and Communication Technologies 20152015-04-022015-04-22United Arab Emirates
16.Sixth Communications Security & Information Assurance (CSIA 2015)2015-04-022015-05-23India
17.Seventh International Conference on Grid Computing(GridCom -2015)2015-04-022015-05-23India
18.2015 6th International Conference on Advanced Computer Control2015-04-132015-07-11China
19.2015 the 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics (ICAMDM2015)2015-05-302015-06-26Singapore
20.Seventh International Conference on Grid Computing (Gridcom 2015)2015-04-022015-05-23India
21.IACT-2015 International Conference on Renewable Energy and Conversation2015-06-102015-10-29Romania
22.IACT-2015 International Conference on Civil and Building Materials2015-06-102015-10-29Romania
23.Fourth International Conference on Information Theory (IT 2015)2015-04-012015-05-23Austria
24.Fourth International Conference on Mobile & Wireless Networks (MoWiN 2015)2015-04-012015-04-23Austria
25.FMLA/ADA Mistakes-FLMA Regulations- ADA Requirements2015-04-132015-04-14U.S.A
26.Accounts Payable Fraud - Detecting and Preventing AP Fraud2015-03-302015-03-30U.S.A
27.How to Achieve a Compliant and Effective Cleanroom Design and Facility Validation2015-03-272015-03-27U.S.A
28.The Saving Grace of Internal HR Audits2015-03-272015-03-27U.S.A
29.Learn About IFRS-Taxes- Federal Taxes2015-04-292015-04-30U.S.A
30.Seventh International Conference on Web services & Semantic Technology (WEST 2015)2015-04-112015-07-25India
31.Online webinar Practical Application of HIPAA Risk Analysis2015-05-182015-05-19U.S.A
32.Online webinar Implementing an FDA-Compliant Medical Device Design Control Including DHF, DHR, and DMR2015-05-112015-05-12U.S.A
33.Online webinar What Device Firms Should Know about Design Control for an Adequate Implementation2015-05-042015-05-05U.S.A
34.Online webinar Implementing the Best Practices for FDA Inspection Preparation and Management2015-04-292015-04-30U.S.A
35.Online webinar HACCP in Foodservice Establishment–Practical Design &Implementation2015-04-212015-04-22U.S.A
36.Online webinar Sampling Plan for Quality Audits2015-04-192015-04-20U.S.A
37.Online webinar Mathematics of Terminal Sterilization-Probability of Survival Approach-vs-Overkill Approach2015-04-132015-04-14U.S.A
38.Online webinar HIPAA and Patient Access to Records—New Focus for Audits and Enforcement2015-04-132015-04-14U.S.A
39.Implementing the Best Practices for FDA Inspection Preparation and Management2015-04-302015-04-30U.S.A
40.Part 2 - Quality Management System effectiveness: ICH Q10 principles, impact of failure on COGS, principles of QRM, what you can impact in reactive versus proactive2015-04-222015-04-22U.S.A
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