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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.3rd International Congress on Sport Sciences Research and Technology Support - icSPORTS 20152015-06-302015-11-15Portugal
2.Auditing Clinical Trials for GCP Compliance2015-02-182015-02-19U.S.A
3.LSC-ESRD: Life Safety Code - End Stage Renal Disease2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
4.FDA's Proposed Rule Regarding Device Establishment Registration and Listing and How to Register and List2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
5.How to Conduct a Quality Safety Investigation2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
6.Data : How to Gather Actionable Insights from Your Social Data2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
7.Workplace Discrimination: An Update of Key Issues2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
8.FDA Requirement for Quality Agreements with Vendors: Vendor Management Issues Resolved2015-02-112015-02-12U.S.A
9.Assurances : What are they why and when do I need them2015-02-182015-02-19U.S.A
10.Your Persuasive Advantage: Reading and Using Nonverbal Communication2015-02-042015-02-05U.S.A
11.Seat at the Table: Taking HR from Transaction to Strategy2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
12.Data Migration, Management and Archival in an FDA-Regulated Environment2015-02-242015-02-25U.S.A
13.SOX - Internal Controls for Inventory2015-02-242015-02-25U.S.A
14.Clean Room Safety2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
15.Anti-Money Laundering Audits for MSBs, Auditing Bank Secrecy Act2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
16.Complaint Files, Procedures and Interrelationship with Complaint Handling2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
17.Responding to an EEOC Charge2015-02-102015-02-11U.S.A
18.Lawsuits Waiting to Happen: Top Reasons Employers Get Sued for Millions2015-02-182015-02-19U.S.A
19.Correcting IRS Forms2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
20.International Conference on Cloud Computing Research and Innovations (ICCCRI 2015)2015-05-312015-10-28Singapore
21.The creation of an EHS compliance, technical or management system audit protocol2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
22.Working in the Safety Zone2015-02-162015-02-17U.S.A
23.TIN Matching to Reduce Your B-Notices and Eliminate Proposed Penalties2015-02-172015-02-18U.S.A
24.Investigating Tangled Complaints – Employees with Multiple Complaints, Changing Stories, Bad Memories and Other Issues2015-02-162015-02-17U.S.A
25.Understanding Venture Term Sheets2015-02-182015-02-19U.S.A
26.Pediatric Clinical Drug Development2015-02-112015-02-11U.S.A
27.Live web seminar U.S. Export Documentation and Procedures2015-03-232015-03-24U.S.A
28.Live web seminar Process Validation-overview of Why and How2015-03-162015-03-17U.S.A
29.Live web seminar GMP Compliance Audit:How Best to Prepare for it2015-03-112015-03-12U.S.A
30.Live web seminar Process Validation Challenges Due to Limited Data and Statistical Comprehension2015-03-102015-03-11U.S.A
31.Live web seminar Ensuring 21 CFR 11 Compliance at Suppliers2015-02-252015-02-26U.S.A
32.Live web seminar FDA 510(k):Putting Together a Compelling 510(k) for Submission:Dos and Don'ts2015-02-232015-02-24U.S.A
33.Live web seminar Risk-based Software Validation for Quality System software and Medical Device Data Systems(MDDS)2015-02-182015-02-19U.S.A
34.Live web seminar Non-conforming Product2015-02-152015-02-16U.S.A
35.Live web seminar SOP and FDA Compliance2015-02-102015-02-11U.S.A
36.The 2nd Conference on Sensors and Networks (CSN 2015)2015-04-152015-05-24China
37.The 2nd Conference on Information Security (CIS 2015)2015-04-152015-05-24China
38.2015 Conference on Semantic Web and Natural Language Processing (SW-NLP 2015)2015-04-152015-05-24China
39.ICOST 2015 : 13th Internation Conference On Smart homes and health Telematics: Inclusive Smart Cities and e-Health - Extended deadline2015-02-092015-06-10Switzerland
40.How to Conduct a Human Resources Audit2015-02-042015-02-05U.S.A
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