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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.International Conference on Advance Computing, Visual Culture and Contemporary Photography 20202020-08-102020-09-08U.K.
    2.International Conference on Software, Computer and Manufacturing Engineering 20202020-08-102020-09-08U.K.
    3.International Conference on Flimstudies, Media and Audiovisual Translation 20202020-08-102020-09-08U.K.
    4.International Conference on Signal Processing and Security 20202020-08-102020-09-08U.K.
    5.Migration Studies Workshop2020-08-102020-08-30U.K.
    6.Urban Regeneration and Sustainability 2nd Edition Conference2020-08-082020-09-08U.K.
    7.7th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Network (WiMNET 2020)2020-08-022020-11-28U.K.
    8.12th International Conference on Web services & Semantic Technology (WeST 2020)2020-08-022020-11-28U.K.
    9.World Congress on Special Needs Education2020-08-012020-11-23U.K.
    10.Memory Studies: Memory, Cinema and Psychoanalysis2020-07-312020-08-17U.K.
    11.Gender Research Workshop - University of Oxford2020-07-152020-09-08U.K.
    12.10th International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Networks and Trust Management (P2PTM 2020)2020-07-112020-11-28U.K.
    13.10th International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Networks and Trust Management (P2PTM 2020)2020-07-112020-11-28U.K.
    14.International Conference on Gender Studies2020-06-302020-09-05U.K.
    15.4th International Conference on Cloud and Big Data Computing (ICCBDC 2020)2020-06-302020-08-26U.K.
    16.9th International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing (ICIIP 2020)2020-06-302020-08-26U.K.
    17.International Conference "Play, Masks and Make-believe: Ritual Representations"2020-06-102020-12-05U.K.
    18.“The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture” International Conference2020-05-312020-08-15U.K.
    19.International Conference: “The Uncanny in Language, Literature and Culture”2020-05-312020-08-15U.K.
    20.International Conference on Ecocriticism and Environmental Studies2020-05-202020-10-17U.K.
    21.International Conference on Challenges and Solutions in Education, Teaching and Learning2020-05-152020-09-26U.K.
    22.International Conference "Mirror, Mirror: Perceptions, Deceptions, and Reflections in Time"2020-05-152020-09-19U.K.
    23.16th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance2020-05-052020-10-26U.K.
    24.International Conference on Myths, Archetypes and Symbols: “Models and Alternatives”2020-04-302020-09-26U.K.
    25.International Conference on Poetry Studies: “Poetry Between Creation and Interpretation“2020-04-302020-09-19U.K.
    26.International Conference: Violence and Society2020-04-252020-08-22U.K.
    27.14th European Conference on Games Based Learning2020-04-232020-09-24U.K.
    28.21st European Conference on Knowledge Management2020-04-022020-09-03U.K.
    29.2nd Asia Conference on Management Science and Engineering (ACMSE 2020)2020-04-012020-08-27U.K.
    30.2nd Asia Conference on Management Science and Engineering (ACMSE 2020)2020-04-012020-08-27U.K.
    31.14th European Conference on Games Based Learning2020-03-042020-09-24U.K.
    32.Culinary Evolutions - International Conference on Food studies2020-02-202028-08-22U.K.
    33.Film Studies Summer School2020-02-202028-07-20U.K.
    34.International Conference on Food Studies: "Culinary Evolutions"2020-02-202020-08-22U.K.
    35.The International Cards and Payments Conference 20172017-09-202917-09-19U.K.
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