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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Microsoft Outlook Calendars and Tasks: Tips to Improve Your Time Management Skills2017-12-062017-12-07U.S.A
2.Complying with 'Made in USA' Labeling Standards2017-12-062017-12-07U.S.A
3.Effective Pharmaceutical GMP Audits and Self-Inspections2017-12-062017-12-07U.S.A
4.BSA Risk Assessment: Documenting BSA/AML Risks to Comply with Regulatory Expectations2017-12-062017-12-07U.S.A
5.Mentoring: How to Create & Maintain Dynamic Mentoring in your Organization2017-12-062017-12-06U.S.A
6.Stay Interviews: A Powerful and Low-Cost Employee Engagement and Retention Tool2017-12-062017-12-06U.S.A
7.People Skills for Project Managers2017-12-062017-12-06U.S.A
8.Yes! You can still start a new private practice2017-12-062017-12-06U.S.A
9.Simplifying ACH Returns – Faster Returns in a Same-Day Environment2017-12-062017-12-06U.S.A
10.How the New Rules for the Sanitary Transportation2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
11.Webinar on The Anti-Kickback Statute: Paying for Referrals is a Bad Idea2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
12.Webinar on Introduction to Transgender Health2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
13.Course On HIPAA and Personal Devices (myths vs realities)2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
14.Conducting Successful HR Audits2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
15.Best Practices for Lean Supplier Management in Compliance with FDA and ISO 13485 Requirements2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
16.Life Insurance Settlements2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
17.IRS Internet Resources for Accountants2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
18.Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving for a better Decision Making2017-12-052017-12-06U.S.A
19.Domestic Violence Spillover: 10 Proactive Strategies for Preventing Workplace Attacks2017-12-052017-12-05U.S.A
20.Investment Advisors' Investment Policy Statement (IPS) - Rules, Regulations, and Best Practices2017-12-052017-12-05U.S.A
21.Writing an Effective Credit Memo2017-12-052017-12-05U.S.A
22.Understanding the Overlap between FMLA, ADA and Workers Comp2017-12-052017-12-05U.S.A
23.New Import Program for FDA 20172017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
24.Why are we Seeing More Independent Data Safety Monitoring2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
25.Environmental Monitoring in Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
26.Integration of ERP and Legacy FDA 20172017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
27.Webinar on 2018 CPT and HCPCS Updates2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
28.OSHA Fatal Four - Why Compliance with 'Regulations' Will Not Prevent a Workplace Fatality2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
29.Case Management's Role in Managing Third Party Payer Denials2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
30.How to Conduct Effective Meetings2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
31.Implementation of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) - What do you need to do now?2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
32.Cleaning Validations Using Extraction Techniques2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
33.W-2 and W-4 Update2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
34.HMDA - Last Minute Update (Warning)2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
35.Same Day ACH - The Impact to ACH Payments2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
36.Do's & Don'ts of Workplace Investigation: A Legal Minefield2017-12-042017-12-05U.S.A
37.Executive Presence - Key to Getting Promoted2017-12-042017-12-04U.S.A
38.Performance Reviews: A Step-By-Step Process for Conducting them Meaningfully and Effectively2017-12-042017-12-04U.S.A
39.Seminar on HIPAA Security & Privacy Official - Roles and Responsibilities2017-12-032017-12-05U.S.A
40.Validation Under Good Laboratory Practices 20172017-12-032017-12-04U.S.A
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