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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior: A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
2.You have a BI Positive or Product Sterility Positive - Now What?2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
3.How to Prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
4.Best Practices for an Effective Cleaning Validation Program2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
5.Complaint Handling Requirements (US); Interrelationship with CAPA, Change Control, Adverse Event Reporting, Recalls and Life Cycle Process Activities2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
6.How to Go from Pivot Tables to Dashboards Using Excel2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
7.HR Metrics: 2020 Critical Issues2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
8.Reducing Food Wastage: The Key to Improving Sustainability and Cost Efficiency2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
9.A Manager’s Guide on How to Detox and Neutralize a Negative Workplace: Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior2019-11-192019-11-19U.S.A
10.(EI Index)2019 International Conference on Computer Science, Communication and Network Security (CSCNS2019)2019-11-182019-12-22China
11.(EI+SCOPUS)2019 International Conference on Computer Science, Communication and Network Security (CSCNS2019)2019-11-182019-12-22China
12.Australia International Business, Economic, and Social Science Research Conference (ABES)2019-11-182019-12-02Australia
13.Australia International Business, Economic, and Social Science Research Conference (ABES)2019-11-182019-12-02Australia
14.4th Emerging Scholars in Business Conference (ESBC)2019-11-182019-11-28Australia
15.Using VLOOKUP, MATCH, and INDEX2019-11-182019-11-20U.S.A
16.International Conference on Civil Engineering Fundamentals and Applications2019-11-182019-11-19U.S.A
17.International Conference on Environmental Science and Applications2019-11-182019-11-19U.S.A
18.11th International Conference on Stroke & Neurological Disorders2019-11-182019-11-19Spain
19.Scholars International Conference on STD, HIV and AIDS Research2019-11-182019-11-19Japan
20.3rd Global Summit on Gastroenterology & Hepatology2019-11-182019-11-19Netherlands Antilles
21.2nd International Conference on Community Nursing and Public Health2019-11-182019-11-18South Africa
22.Oncology Strategy Meeting Boston 2019 | Proventa International2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
23.How Leaders Can Use Coaching Style Conversations to Engage Employees2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
24.The Fraud Risk Mitigation Cycle: Powerful Detection and Prevention Framework2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
25.How to Avoid Hiring Bullies, Liars, Passive Aggressive People and Sociopaths2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
26.Generational Divide: What's Behind Generational Differences in the Workplace?2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
27.Which GFSI system works for your operation in order to be fully complaint with FDA FSMA2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
28.Dealing with Intermittent Leave Issues under the Family and Medical Leave Act2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
29.Coaching Techniques to Engage and Motivate Employees2019-11-182019-11-18U.S.A
30.10th International Conference on Communications Security & Information Assurance (CSIA-2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
31.10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UBIC-2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
32.11th International Conference on Grid Computing (GridCom-2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
33.10th International Conference on Internet Engineering & Web Services (InWeS 2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
34.9th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications (ICCSEA 2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
35.8th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SPPR 2019)2019-11-172019-12-21United Arab Emirates
36.2nd International Conference on Natural Language Processing (NATP 2019)2019-11-172019-12-14India
37.5th International Conference On Networks, Mobile Communication (NMCO 2019)2019-11-172019-12-14India
38.3rd International Conference on Awareness2019-11-172019-12-05Turkey
39.International Conference on Applied Sciences, Data Mining, Information Technology and Engineering Application2019-11-172019-11-27Maldives
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