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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    2.3rd International Conference on Sustainable Development in Information Technology, Business and Social Sciences (SDITBSS-2022)2022-08-132022-08-20Greece
    3.SCI/EI期刊征稿-正刊 1-3个月内刊出2022-08-132022-08-14China
    4.SCI/EI期刊征稿-正刊 1-3个月内刊出2022-08-132022-08-14China
    5. Korea
    6.4th International Conference on Challenges to Social Science and Business Innovation (SSBI)2022-08-122022-08-20Malaysia
    7.2022 International Conference on Public Culture and Social Services(PCSS 2022)2022-08-122022-08-19China
    8.4th International Conference on Literature, Education Social Science and Cultural Issues (LESC)2022-08-112022-08-21United Arab Emirates
    9.4th International Conference on Advanced Networking, Information Technology, Engineering and Applied Sciences. NITEA-20222022-08-112022-08-21United Arab Emirates
    10.2nd International Conference on Innovation Research in Manufacturing, Engineering Science & Technology Applications (MESTA-AUGUST-2022)2022-08-112022-08-20Greece
    11.3rd International Conference on Business Management, Economics and Social science (BMESS)2022-08-112022-08-20Thailand
    12.2nd International Conference on Information Technology, Engineering, Robotics, Innovation Research and Structural Design (IERI-2022)2022-08-112022-08-20Turkey
    14.2022 Asia Conference on Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Man-machine Interaction (AIMLMI 2022)2022-08-102022-08-26China
    15.2022 Asia Conference on Advanced Robotics, Automation, and Control Engineering (ARACE 2022)2022-08-102022-08-26China
    16."Freedom and Authenticity" International Interdisciplinary Conference2022-08-102022-08-25Poland
    17.3rd International Conference on Recent Advance in Social Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics Research (SEBER-AUG-2022)2022-08-102022-08-20Greece
    18.4th International Conference on Marketing Finance, HR and Social Science (MFHS-AUGUST-2022)2022-08-102022-08-20Spain
    19.4th International Annual Conference on Public and Business Administration Research2022-08-102022-08-20Japan
    20.3rd International Conference on Information Management, System Modeling and Computer Science IMCS-222022-08-102022-08-20Netherlands Antilles
    21.6th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (6th IBEMS)2022-08-082022-09-22Turkey
    22.International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research of Science, Technology, and Health Studies (IRSTH)2022-08-082022-09-22Turkey
    23.International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)2022-08-082022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    24.International Journal of Information Technology (IJIT)2022-08-082022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    25.International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT)2022-08-082022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    26.International Journal of Education (IJE)2022-08-082022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    27.International Journal of Humanities, Art and Social Studies (IJHAS)2022-08-082022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    28.ISER 2nd International Conference on Innovation Management, Marketing, Business Economics, Social Sciences, Justice & Legal Studies2022-08-082022-08-18Italy
    29.AETA International Conference on Information Technology, Cyber Security, Engineering & Applied Sciences & Genetic Engineering2022-08-082022-08-18Italy
    30.International Conference on Signal Processing and Vision (SIGV 2022)2022-08-072022-12-18United Arab Emirates
    31.2nd International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, IT, BioTechnology & Agriculture Sciences (RTEIT-AUG-2022)2022-08-072022-08-13Taiwan
    32.International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC)2022-08-062022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    33.International Journal of Information Technology (IJIT)2022-08-062022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    34.International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT)2022-08-062022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    35.International Journal of Education (IJE)2022-08-062022-08-27United Arab Emirates
    36.9th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT 2022)2022-08-062022-08-20India
    37.8th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (AIS 2022)2022-08-062022-08-20India
    38.2022 Asia Conference on Knowledge and Innovation Management (ACKIM 2022)2022-08-052022-12-28Thailand
    39.5th Asia Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ACMLC 2022)2022-08-052022-12-28Thailand
    40.4th International Conference on Advanced Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (ICABB 2022)2022-08-052022-12-26Indonesia
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