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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.2020 2nd International Symposium on Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ISCAI 2020)2020-10-202020-11-14U.K.
    2.Innovation in Language Learning International Conference - Virtual Edition2020-10-202020-11-12Italy
    3.【ACM出版,EI检索】2020第四届电子信息技术与计算机工程国际学术会议(EITCE 2020)2020-10-202020-11-06China
    4.2020 4th International Conference on Electronic Information Technology and Computer Engineering(EITCE 2020)2020-10-202020-11-06China
    5.3rd International Conference on Business Marketing Strategies Social Science and Management Research (BMSM)2020-10-202020-10-31Japan
    6.Training and Development in The Life Sciences - Build Training That Works2020-10-202020-10-30U.S.A
    7.24th European Scientific Conference of Doctoral Students2020-10-192020-11-26Czech Republic
    8.4th International Conference on Trends in Mechanical Engineering (MECE 2020)2020-10-182020-12-25United Arab Emirates
    9.2020 International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Automation(MEA2020)2020-10-182020-12-18China
    10.2020 3rd World Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Manufacturing(WCMEIM 2020)2020-10-182020-12-04China
    11.4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering & Applications (MEAP 2020)2020-10-182020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    12.4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ELEC 2020)2020-10-182020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    13.2020 2nd International Conference on Advanced Information Science and System (AISS 2020)2020-10-182020-11-18China
    14.2020 2nd International Conference on Algorithms, Machine Learning and Signal Processing (AMLSP 2020)2020-10-182020-11-18China
    15.2020 International Conference on Information Security and Information Retrieval(ISIR 2020)2020-10-182020-11-18China
    16.Case Management Boot Camp: Strategies for Success in the Acute Care Setting and Beyond!2020-10-182020-10-28U.S.A
    17.FDA’s Expectations from Supplier Management for GMP: Quality Agreements and More2020-10-182020-10-28U.S.A
    18.FDA’s Expectations from Supplier Management for GMP: Quality Agreements and More2020-10-182020-10-28U.S.A
    19.6th International Conference On Networks, Mobile Communications And Telematics(NMOCT 2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    20.6th International Conference on Bioinformatics & Biosciences (BIOS-2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    21.6th International Conference of Managing Value and Supply Chains (MaVaS 2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    22.6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AI 2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    23.6th International Conference on Signal and Image Processing (SIGI-2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    24.6th International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (CSTY 2020)2020-10-172020-12-26India
    25.11th International Conference on Internet Engineering & Web Services (InWeS 2020)2020-10-172020-12-19Australia
    26.9th International Conference on Natural Language Processing (NLP 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    27.9th International Conference on Signal & Image Processing (SIP 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    28.9th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (JSE 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    29.9th International Conference on Information Technology Convergence and Services (ITCS 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    30.7th International Conference on Foundations of Computer Science & Technology (CST 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    31.11th International conference on Database Management Systems (DMS 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    32.International Conference on Machine Learning Techniques (MLTEC 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    33.International Conference on Networks & IOT (NeTIOT 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    34.International Conference on VLSI & Embedded Systems (VLSIE 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    35.International Conference on Cloud and Big Data (CLBD 2020)2020-10-172020-11-21Switzerland
    36.Sustainable Futures International Congress - SUFCON - sts2020-10-172020-11-17Indonesia
    37.The Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplements CGMPs per 21 CFR 1112020-10-172020-10-27U.S.A
    38.Lead Auditor EN ISO 13485:2016 and EU MDR 2017/745 - Regulation2020-10-172020-10-27U.S.A
    39.The Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplements CGMPs per 21 CFR 1112020-10-172020-10-27U.S.A
    40.The 6 Most Common Problems in FDA Software Validation and Verification2020-10-172020-10-27U.S.A
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