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Featured Contents
ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.SAISE- 2014 International Conference on Control and Robotics Engineering2014-04-302014-07-28Taiwan
2.SAISE- 2014 4th International Conference on Electronics Computer Technology2014-04-302014-07-28Taiwan
3.SAISE- 2014 2nd Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering2014-05-152014-07-28Taiwan
4.2014 8th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management2014-04-302014-08-15U.K.
5.2015 International Education Conference in Maui2014-12-032015-01-04U.S.A
6.2015 International Business Conference in Maui2014-12-032015-01-04U.S.A
7.Seventh International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering2014-05-052014-08-04Canada
8.Next Generation ISR2014-06-242014-06-25U.S.A
9.Child Support: What Payroll Doesn’t Know Can Hurt You2014-06-052014-06-05U.S.A
10.Examining and Detecting Digital Fraud2014-06-052014-06-05U.S.A
11.Techniques To Avoid OSHA Violations2014-06-062014-06-06U.S.A
12.Best Practices & Procedures 100 percent OSHA Compliance2014-05-062014-05-06U.S.A
13.How to Improve Service Levels in Startup, Small, Medium Sized Businesses with no Capital Investment2014-06-242014-06-24U.S.A
14.Compliance WithThe Insurers' Requirement to Investigate and Defeat Fraud2014-06-032014-06-03U.S.A
15.Compliance with the Examination Under Oath Requirement of a Property Insurance Policy2014-05-072014-05-07U.S.A
16.Introduction to Sales and Use Taxation2014-05-282014-05-28U.S.A
17.Legal Issues in Dealing with Employees with Psychiatric Illnesses under the ADA2014-05-132014-05-13U.S.A
18.Update: Medical Device Laws and Regulations in China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea2014-06-112014-06-11U.S.A
19.Preparing for FDA GLP Inspection and Management: Best Practices2014-06-042014-06-04U.S.A
20.Preparing for FDA BIMO Inspection and Management2014-05-282014-05-28U.S.A
21.FDA Inspection and Medical Device Design Control2014-05-122014-05-12U.S.A
22.Bladder and Prostate Cancer a Pathophysiological Review2014-05-142014-05-14U.S.A
23.Retaliation in Workplace Investigations? Not If - But When, How and From Whom It Will Occur2014-05-102014-05-10U.S.A
24.New Rules for Compounding Pharmacies: Best Practices for Compliance2014-05-072014-05-07U.S.A
25.Medical Foods:Practical Tips to Meet FDA Requirements for Claims and Quality2014-06-102014-06-10U.S.A
26.FDA Approval of Adaptive Clinical Trials: Practical Tips to Maximize Benefits from Smart Trial Design2014-05-152014-05-15U.S.A
27.Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals: Compliance with FDA's Current Manufacturing Requirements2014-06-042014-06-04U.S.A
28.Practical Strategies to a successful 505(b)(2) product2014-05-242014-05-24U.S.A
29.Chemotherapy a Historical Review2014-04-292014-04-29U.S.A
30.1099 & W-9 Update - Complying with IRS Information Reporting2014-09-162014-09-16U.S.A
31.FATCA (Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act) - How to Comply with Minimal Withholding, Tax and Penalty Impact2014-05-142014-05-14U.S.A
32.What AP Needs to Know About Payroll and Vice Versa2014-05-152014-05-15U.S.A
33.Handling Difficult Conversations with Employees20142014-05-012014-05-01U.S.A
34.Safe Drinking Water-Another Oxymoron?2014-06-102014-06-10U.S.A
35.Microbial Food Security Risk Analysis2014-05-292014-05-29U.S.A
36.Training Requirements under FDA's Quality System Regulation2014-04-282014-04-28U.S.A
37.When the Whistle Blows at Your Company2014-05-142014-05-14U.S.A
38.Quality system requirements for cleaning, maintenance and calibration programs2014-05-062014-05-06U.S.A
39.CAPA Training and Causes of Warning Letters due to Lack of Comprehension2014-06-182014-06-18U.S.A
40.Batch Production Record and Device History Record Review and Quality Assessment2014-05-292014-05-29U.S.A
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