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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Creating Rewards and Recognitions that Get You What You Want to Achieve2019-07-112019-07-12U.S.A
2.Surviving an Emotionally Toxic Workplace2019-07-102019-07-11U.S.A
3.TIN Solicitation Best Practices2019-07-092019-07-10U.S.A
4.Key Elements of New Employee Hiring & Onboarding2019-07-012019-07-02U.S.A
5.Successfully Negotiating the Labor Agreement2019-06-092019-06-10U.S.A
6.Silica Exposure in the Construction Industry - New OSHA Regulations2019-06-062019-06-07U.S.A
7.Dealing with Toxic People2019-06-052019-06-06U.S.A
8.Impact Damages - Fact or Fiction?2019-06-042019-06-05U.S.A
9.How to Prepare for a Robot-Automated and AI-Enhanced Future in Accounting2019-06-032019-06-04U.S.A
10.Demystifying Excel Pivot Tables2019-06-022019-06-03U.S.A
11.Accounts Payable Fraud could bring you huge losses! Know the detection and prevention techniques.2019-05-232019-05-23U.S.A
12.Optimize your 2019 business procedures with Excel forecasting models2019-05-232019-05-23U.S.A
13.Setting your work priorities straight: how to manage time and work effectively2019-05-232019-05-23U.S.A
14.International Flight Crew Training Conference, London, 18-19 September 20192019-09-172019-09-18U.K.
15.The Digital Pathology Congress2019-11-062019-12-05U.K.
16.8th International Conference on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Applications ( SCAI 2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
17.8th International Conference of Networks and Communications (NECO 2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
18.11thInternational Conference on Wireless, Mobile Network & Applications (WiMoA 2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
19.4th Medicinal Chemistry & Protein Degradation Summit2019-10-282019-10-28U.K.
20.9th International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Applications2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
21.3rd Global Pharma R&D Informatics and AI Congress2019-10-282019-10-28U.K.
22.10th International Conference on Communications Security & Information Assurance (CSIA-2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
23.International Journal of Managing Information Technology (IJMIT)2019-05-182019-06-26India
24.2019 International Conference on Architecture: Inheritance, Tradition and Innovation (AITI 2019)- CPCI2019-04-152019-06-25Russia
25.4th International Conference on Judicial, Administrative and Humanitarian Problems of State Structures and Economic Subjects (JAHP 2019) - CPCI2019-05-152019-06-12Russia
26.2nd International Conference on Economy, Management and Entrepreneurship (ICOEME 2019)-CPCI2019-05-182019-05-22Russia
27.Harassment, Bullying, Gossip, Confrontational and Disruptive Behavior: Management Essentials on How to Neutralize Negativity and Boost Engagement2019-05-222019-05-22U.S.A
28.10th International Conference on Internet Engineering & Web Services (InWeS 2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
29.2019 9th IEEE International Conference on Electronics Information and Emergency Communication2019-05-312019-07-12China
30.2019 2nd International Conference on Computer Information Science and Application Technology (CISAT 2019)2019-08-022019-08-02China
31.8th International Conference on Signal, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (SPPR 2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
32.International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (ICCSE 2019)2019-05-182019-07-27United Arab Emirates
33.Anti-Fraud Controls in Payroll, Employee T&E and Expense Reimbursement: Detect and Prevent Before It's Too Late2019-06-182019-06-18U.S.A
34.International Conference of Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Logic (ICAIL 2019)2019-05-182019-07-27United Arab Emirates
35.A guide to practical Risk Management - Applying ISO14971 and IEC623042019-10-022019-10-03U.S.A
36.10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UBIC-2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
37.11th International Conference on Grid Computing (GridCom-2019)2019-05-262019-12-21United Arab Emirates
38.International Journal on Natural Language Computing (IJNLC)2019-05-252019-06-30India
39.International Conference on Instrumentation and Control Systems (IC2S 2019)2019-05-182019-07-28United Arab Emirates
40.Cyber Security in Networking Conference - CSNet'19 - October 23 - 25, Quito, Ecuador2019-06-142019-10-23Ecuador
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