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NUCLEAR ENGINEERING- 2019 - 2nd International Confernce on Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Engineering-2019

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Deadline: September 01, 2019 | Date: September 23, 2019-September 24, 2019

Venue/Country: Paris France, France

Updated: 2019-05-06 21:51:12 (GMT+9)

Call For Papers - CFP

NFwave-particle duality, wave function, quantum state, Schroedinger equations, Wave Function Quantum State Light Cone Matter Field Finite Region,Heisenberg uncertainty relation, central potentials in N dimensions, confined particle, hydrogen atom, and harmonic oscillator.Unitary Quantum Theory, Standard Model, Quantum Electrodynamics, Maxwell Equations, Schrodinger Equation, Solid State,Unitary Quantum Theory, Commutation Relation, Relativistic Invariance, Lorentz

Transformations, Alternion, unitary quantum theory, mass spectrum of elementary particles, standard

model, wave packet, string theory, super symmetry, Angular Momentum,Alpha Particle,Atom,Beta

Particles,Black Body,Critical Mass,Density,Electric Charge,Electric Field,Electromagnetic Force,

Electromagnetic Radiation,Electron,Elementary Particle,Energy,Entanglement,Exotic Particle,

Fundamental (or Elementary) Forces,Gravity,Gamma Ray,Gamma Ray Burst,Hydrostatic Equilibrium,

Inertia,Inertial Frame,Ion,Isotope,Law of Conservation of Energy,Law of Universal Gravitation,Light,

Light Year,Magnetic Field,Magnetic Monopole,Mass-Energy Equivalence,Molecule,Momentum,

Neutrino,Neutron,Neutron Star,Newton’s Laws of Motion,Nuclear Fission,Nuclear Fusion,

Nucleosynthesis,Nucleus,Oscillating Universe,Photoelectric Effect,Photon,Planck Energy,Planck

Constant,Plasma,Positron, Principle of Equivalence, Principle of Relativity, Probability Wave,

Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes, Proton, Pulsar, Quantum, Quantum Electrodynamics:, Quantum Gravity,

Quantum Theory of Gravity, Quantum State, Quantum Theory, Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics,

Quantum Tunneling, Quark, Quasar, Radioactivity, Second Law of Thermodynamics,Gravitational

Singularity, Speed of Light, Spin, Steady State Universe, String Theory, Strong Nuclear Force,Uncertainty

Principle, Wave-Particle Duality, Weak Nuclear Force,Action at a distance in electrodynamics,

Aharonov-Bohm effect, Ampere/ current, Angle measurement/radian, Angular Momentum in quantum

mechanics, Antiprotonic other atoms, Atomic mass constant/unified atomic mass unit/Dalton, Atomic

radiative decay, Atom Interferometry, Atom, n, e-p charge neutrality, binding energies, Blackbody

radiation effects, Bloch oscillations,Bound-electron g-factor one-photon qed, Breakdown of quantum

Hall effect, Coulomb gauge quantum electrodynamics, Deuteron g-factor in deuterium,

Deuteron magnetic moment/ g-factor, Deuteron mass, deuteron rms charge radius, Dielectric constant

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