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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.16th International Conference Mobile Learning 20202020-02-142020-04-02Bulgaria
2.13th IADIS International Conference Information Systems 20202020-02-142020-04-02Bulgaria
3.18th International Conference e-Society 20202020-02-142020-04-02Bulgaria
4.International Conference on Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (SAIM 2020)2020-02-082020-06-27Denmark
5.4th International Conference on Chemical Engineering (CHEME 2020)2020-02-012020-06-20United Arab Emirates
6.7th International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture 20202020-08-272020-08-28Thailand
7.GMPs Applied to Medical Cannabis: All You Need to Know2020-02-252020-02-25U.S.A
8.6th International Conference on Networks and Communications (NCO 2020)2020-02-022020-07-11Canada
9.4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Science (BES 2020)2020-02-012020-06-20United Arab Emirates
10.4th International Conference on Civil Engineering (CiViE 2020)2020-02-012020-06-20United Arab Emirates
11.7th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering (Meche 2020)2020-02-012020-06-20United Arab Emirates
12.4th International IFIP Cross Domain Conference for Machine Learning & Knowledge Extraction2020-03-292020-08-25Ireland
13.Medical & Recreational Marijuana: Impact on the 2020 Workplace2020-02-182020-02-18U.S.A
14.International Journal of Information Security and Applications (IJISA)2020-01-262020-02-29India
15.International Journal in Foundations of Computer Science & Information Technology (IJFCSIT)2020-01-262020-02-29India
16.6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (AIS 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
17.International Journal of Data Science and Analytics (IJDSA)2020-01-262020-02-29India
18.9th International Conference on Parallel, Distributed Computing and Applications (IPDCA 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
19.International Journal of Database Management Systems (IJDBMS)2020-01-262020-02-29India
20.International Journal of Database and Analytics (IJDA)2020-01-262020-02-29India
21.International Journal of Data mining Management Systems (IJDMS)2020-02-012020-02-29Iceland
22.International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJEEE)2020-02-012020-02-29Iceland
23.8th International Conference of Security, Privacy and Trust Management (SPTM 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
24.Correspondent banking: 2020 updates on risks and regulations2020-02-062020-02-06U.S.A
25.International Conference on Recent Development in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences (RDMEAS-2020)2020-03-182020-03-27India
26.7 Reasons Leaders Fail – Proven approach to developing leadership competencies2020-02-062020-02-06U.S.A
27.Proven methods to prevent human errors in GMP environment2020-02-052020-02-05U.S.A
28.6th International Conference on Software Engineering (SOENG 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
29.6th International Conference on Bioscience & Engineering (BIOE-2020)2020-02-082020-06-27Denmark
30.6th International Conference of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (MAT 2020)2020-02-082020-06-27Denmark
31.6th International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (AME 2020)2019-02-082020-06-27Denmark
32.Fifth Annual International Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference2020-05-012020-10-02U.S.A
33.International Conference on Big Data and Blockchain (BDAB 2020)2020-02-022020-04-25Denmark
34.International Conference on Networks, Blockchain and Internet of Things (NBIoT 2020)2020-02-022020-04-25Denmark
35.International Conference on Cloud Computing and IOT (CCCIOT 2020)2020-02-022020-04-25Denmark
36.8th International Conference of Advanced Computer Science & Information Technology (ACSIT 2020)2020-02-022020-06-27Denmark
37.6th International Conference on Software Engineering (SOENG 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
38.8th International Conference of Information Technology, Control and Automation (ITCA 2020)2020-02-082020-06-27Denmark
39.6th International Conference on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition(IPPR 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
40.6th International Conference on Data Mining (DaMi 2020)2020-02-082020-06-13Finland
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