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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.2021 International Conference on Information, Control and Automation(ICICA 2021)2021-11-012021-11-01China
    2.2021 5th International Conference on Vision, Image and Signal Processing (ICVISP 2021)2021-10-312021-12-18Malaysia
    3.2021 4th International Joint Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CCVPR 2021)2021-10-312021-12-18Malaysia
    4.2021 International Conference on Functional Materials and Chemical Engineering(ICFMCE 2021)2021-10-312021-12-13Thailand
    5.2021 4th International Conference on Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering(ICCAEE 2021)2021-10-312021-12-10China
    6.2021 5th International Conference on Naval Architecture and Ocean&Marine Engineering(NAOME 2021)2021-10-312021-12-10China
    7.2021 3rd International Conference on Mechanical, Aerospace and Automotive Engineering (CMAAE 2021)2021-10-312021-12-05China
    8.2021 International Symposium on Automation, Mechanical and Design Engineering (SAMDE 2021)2021-10-312021-12-03China
    9.2021 International Conference on Energy Development and Utilization (ICEDU 2021)2021-10-312021-12-03China
    10.2021 International Conference on Smart Cities and Smart Grid (CSCSG 2021)2021-10-312021-11-19China
    11.2021International Conference on Cyber Physical Systems and IoT(CPSIOT 2021)2021-10-312021-11-19China
    12.2021 International Joint Conference on Civil and Marine Engineering(JCCME 2021)2021-10-302021-12-10South Korea
    13.2021 2nd International Conference on Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing (CLNLP 2021)2021-10-302021-12-03China
    14.2021 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology(ICCEB 2021)2021-10-302021-11-05China
    15.【EI稳定检索】第四届建筑信息技术与环境智能国际研讨会(AITAI 2021)2021-10-292021-12-17China
    16.2021 4th International Symposium on Architecture Information Technology and Ambient Intelligence (AITAI 2021)2021-10-292021-12-17China
    17.Case Management Boot Camp: Strategies for Success in the Acute Care Setting and Beyond!2021-10-292021-11-08U.S.A
    18.2021 International Conference on Precision Instruments and Optical Engineering(PIOE 2021)2021-10-292021-11-05China
    19.The 2021 International Conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Risk Management(ICBAR 2021)2021-10-292021-11-05China
    20.The 2021 6th International Seminar on Computer Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering2021-10-292021-11-05China
    21.The 13th International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO 2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    22.2021 International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    23.2021 International Conference on Computer Technology, Information Engineering and Electron Materials (CTIEEM 2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    24.2021 International Conference on Risk Analysis and Emergency Management (RAEM2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    25.2021 4th International Conference on Mechanical, Electrical and Material Application (MEMA 2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    26.2021 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management (CAHEM 2021)2021-10-292021-10-31China
    27.2021 International Conference on Green Communication, Network and Internet of Things (GCNIoT 2021) 2021-10-292021-10-29China
    28.【EI稳定检索】2021年机电一体化、自动化与智能控制国际学术会议(MAIC 2021)2021-10-282021-12-17China
    29.2021 International Conference on Mechatronics, Automation and Intelligent Control(MAIC 2021)2021-10-282021-12-17China
    30.2021 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Human-Computer Interaction (ICHCI 2021)2021-10-272021-11-12China
    31.2021 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture, Hydropower and Engineering Management (CAHEM 2021)2021-10-272021-10-30China
    32.2021 International Conference on Information Control, Electrical Engineering and Rail Transit (ICEERT 2021)2021-10-272021-10-29China
    33.2021 – XIXth International Conference on Business, Education, Law, Language & Psychology (ICBELLP), 29-30 October, Abu Dhabi2021-10-272021-10-29United Arab Emirates
    34.2021 4th International Conference on Humanities Education and Social Sciences (ICHESS 2021)2021-10-272021-10-29China
    35.【Oversea Special】The 3rd International Conference on Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis(ACIC 2021)2021-10-272021-10-29China
    36.【EI,Scopus】2021 International Conference on Intelligent Traffic Systems and Smart City (ITSSC 2021)2021-10-262021-11-19China
    37.【EI,Scopus】2021年智能交通系统与智慧城市国际学术会议(ITSSC 2021)2021-10-262021-11-19China
    38.FSSER 2nd International Conference on Occupational Sciences, Business Ethics, Marketing Management, Economics & Social Sciences2021-10-262021-11-06Singapore
    39.AAER 4th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches in Biotechnology, Military, Design Engineering & Applied Sciences2021-10-262021-11-06Philippines
    40.HIPAA Business Associates: Obligations for Healthcare Entities and Their Associates2021-10-262021-10-26U.S.A
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