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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.SCIE/EI/SCOPUS Journals: Call for Papers - Power and Energy Systems I2023-03-152023-04-16China
    2.SCIE/EI/SCOPUS Journals : Call for Papers - Power and Energy Systems II2022-09-202022-10-21China
    3.Trans Tech Publications Ltd 《Scientific.Net》出版社.会议期刊系列征稿 SCI SSCI SCOPUS EI期刊征稿2036-08-102036-08-12China
    4.2022 2nd International Conference on Frontiers of Machine Vision and Image Processing (FMVIP 2022)2022-05-202022-11-18China
    5.2022 7th International Conference on Communication, Image and Signal Processing (CCISP 2022)2022-07-202022-11-18China
    6.The 7th International Conference on Data Processing and Robotics (ICDPR 2023)2022-07-302023-01-18China
    7.The 7th International Conference on Control Engineering and Artificial Intelligence (CCEAI 2023)2022-07-302023-01-18China
    8.3rd International Conference on Machine Learning Techniques and Data Science (MLDS 2022)2022-07-022022-11-26U.K.
    9.3rd International Conference on NLP & Artificial Intelligence Techniques (NLAI 2022)2022-07-022022-11-26U.K.
    10.13th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (UBIC 2022)2022-07-022022-11-26U.K.
    11.2nd Annual Pharma Innovation Tech Congress 20222022-08-242022-08-25India
    12.3rd International Conference on Software Engineering and Managing Information Technology (SEMIT 2022)2022-07-022022-11-26U.K.
    13.2022 2nd International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Governance(ICEPG 2022)2022-07-082022-09-21China
    14.5th International Conference on Bioscience & Engineering (BIEN 2022)2022-06-252022-08-20India
    15.3rd International Conference on Big Data and Applications (BDAP 2022)2022-06-252022-08-21India
    16.4th International Conference on Public Health and Well-being2022-07-282022-10-14Sri Lanka
    17.3rd International Conference on IoT, Blockchain & Cloud Computing (IBCOM 2022)2022-07-022022-11-26U.K.
    18.International Conference on Interdisciplinary Research of Science, Technology, and Health Studies (IRSTH)2022-08-082022-09-22Turkey
    19.6th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Business, Economy, Management, and Social Studies (6th IBEMS)2022-08-082022-09-22Turkey
    20.3rd International Conference on Management, Education, and Social Science (3rd MESS)2022-07-082022-07-28Indonesia
    21.4th International Conference on Islamic Education Studies and Social Science (4th ICISS)2022-06-242022-07-14Indonesia
    22.4th International Conference on Economics Business Banking and Finance, Social Science (EBFS)2022-12-082022-12-17Japan
    23.4th International Conference on Multidisciplinary Academic Approaches in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Social Science (MABES)2022-11-072022-11-19Japan
    24.The 7th International Conference on Machine Vision and Information Technology (CMVIT 2023)2022-08-202023-02-24China
    25.Innovation in Language Learning International Conference2022-07-182022-11-10Italy
    26.CITIES4.0 2022 CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION2022-09-202022-09-21Malaysia
    27.HYDROGEN ASEAN 20222022-08-022022-08-02Malaysia
    28.3rd International Conference on Telecommunication, Engineering, Energy, Applied Sciences & Smart Materials (TEEAS-DEC-2022)2022-12-012022-12-10Singapore
    29.4th International Conference on Process & Project Engineering, Information Technology, Applied Sciences (PPEIT-NOV-2022)2022-11-162022-11-26Indonesia
    30.SciTePress Digital Library (Science and Technology Publications, Lda)《SCITEPRESS Digital Library》会议论文集 丛书征稿2030-06-102030-06-12China
    31.5th International Conference on Social and Management Sciences; Theoretical and Practical Approaches (SMSTPA-2022)2022-12-012022-12-10Singapore
    32.4th International Conference on Research Methodology for Business Economics, Social Sciences and Entrepreneurial Studies (RBESE-2022)2022-11-162022-11-26Indonesia
    33.Trans Tech Publications Ltd《Scientific.Net》出版社.会议期刊系列征稿2030-06-102030-06-12China
    34.2022 2nd International Conference on Ocean Engineering and Application Technology (ICOEAT 2022)2022-09-142022-10-21China
    35.2022 6th International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics (ICACR 2022)2022-07-202022-08-12China
    36.2022 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Technologies (AIAAT 2022)2022-07-202022-08-12China
    37.The 6th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing2022-06-252022-07-08China
    38.2022 Workshop on Applications and Technologies of Computer Vision2022-06-252022-07-08China
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