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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.5th International Computer and Applied Sciences Conference ICAS-222022-10-142022-10-22Spain
    2.4th International Conference on Economic Growth, Business Strategy and Social Sciences Reforms BSSR-222022-09-142022-09-24Spain
    3.4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Information Technology Engineering and Applied Sciences2022-09-252022-10-01Australia
    4.4th International Conference on Innovative Advancement in Research Related to Engineering , IT and Applied Sciences2022-08-252022-09-03Australia
    5.AUSSRE 4th International Research Conference on Theory and Practice in Social Sciences Fora (TPSSF-OCT-2022)2022-09-252022-10-01Australia
    6.AUSSRE 4th International Conference on Entrepreneurship Business and Economics Research Practices (EBER-SEP-2022)2022-08-252022-09-03Australia
    7.5th International Conference on Recent Advances in Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities RBESH-OCT-20222022-10-062022-10-15Japan
    8.5th International Conference on Social , Management, Business and Innovation in Applied Sciences SMBIA-Sep-20222022-09-042022-09-17Japan
    9.SCOPUS期刊.《SCOPUS(Elsevier B.V)快速刊出.保证检索》出版快2028-06-262028-06-28China
    10.6th International Conference on Networks and Security (NSEC 2022)2022-05-282022-12-22Australia
    11.4th International Conference on Business Marketing Strategies Social Science and Management Research (BMSM)2022-10-122022-10-22Japan
    12.4th International Conference on Social Science Business and Comparative Legal System (SBCL)2022-09-142022-09-24Japan
    13.9th International Conference on Power and Energy Systems Engineering (CPESE 2022)2022-06-102022-09-09Japan
    14.2022 International  Conference on Art Design and Digital Technology ( ADDT 2022 ) 2022-09-092022-09-16China
    15.2022 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology(ICEECT 2022)2022-06-062022-09-23China
    16.3rd International Conference on Education and Artificial Intelligence Technologies(EAIT 2022)2022-05-252022-10-21U.K.
    17.6th International Conference on Advances in Artificial Intelligence(ICAAI 2022)2022-05-252022-10-21U.K.
    18.2nd International Conference on Big Data and Computational Intelligence (BDCI 2022)2022-05-302022-09-28China
    19.4th International Conference on Digital Media and Information Processing (DMIP 2022)2022-05-302022-09-28China
    20.3rd International Conference on Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT (BMLI 2022)2022-05-282022-12-22Australia
    21.4th International Conference on Education and Service Sciences (ICESS 2022)2022-05-302022-09-28China
    22.4th World Symposium on Software Engineering (WSSE 2022)2022-05-302022-09-28China
    23.4th International Conference on Circuits and Systems(ICCS 2022)2022-05-302022-09-23China
    24.2022 International Conference on Public Culture and Social Services(PCSS 2022)2022-08-122022-08-19China
    25.2022 6th International Conference on Automation, Control and Robotics (ICACR 2022)2022-06-152022-08-12China
    26.2022 6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Technologies (AIAAT 2022)2022-06-152022-08-12China
    27.2022 2nd International Conference on Smart Transportation and City Engineering(STCE 2022)2022-06-302022-08-12China
    28.AETA International Conference on System Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Software & Applied Sciences2022-08-042022-08-13France
    29.The 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Visualization (AIVRV 2022)2022-09-222022-09-23China
    30.SCOPUS期刊.《SCOPUS(Elsevier B.V)快速刊出.保证检索》《SCIE期刊 JCRQ3-Q4 Web of Science》工程大类.多学科.2028-06-262028-06-28China
    31.2022 International Symposium on Semiconductor and Electronic Technology(ISSET 2022)2022-06-102022-08-12China
    32.3rd International Conference on Power and Electrical Engineering (ICPEE 2022)2022-08-152022-12-29Singapore
    33.5th International Conference on Big Data and Machine Learning(BDML 2022)2022-05-152022-09-23China
    34.5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition (AIPR 2022)2022-05-152022-09-23China
    35.10th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Information (ICCEI 2022)2022-05-152022-09-03Japan
    36.3rd Asia Education Technology Symposium (AETS 2022)2022-05-152022-09-03Japan
    37.4th International Conference on Trends in Mechanical and Aerospace (TMAE 2022)2022-05-152022-08-26U.S.A
    38.9th International Conference on Mechanics, Materials and Manufacturing (ICMMM 2022)2022-05-152022-08-26U.S.A
    39.2022 2nd International Conference on Advanced Algorithms and Signal Image Processing(AASIP 2022)2022-04-142022-08-19China
    40.2nd Asia Workshop on Software Engineering (AWSE 2022)2022-06-052022-09-16Greece
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