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AIP CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS 2028 - All Proceedings AIP Publisher Conference Proceedings

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Category AIP Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 0094-243X, E-ISSN: 1551-7616)

Deadline: June 22, 2028 | Date: June 26, 2028-June 29, 2028

Venue/Country: wuhan, China

Updated: 2018-10-11 17:05:37 (GMT+9)

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AIP Conference Proceedings (ISSN: 0094-243X, E-ISSN: 1551-7616)



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Forthcoming Proceedings

About our schedule of forthcoming proceedings

All events are listed in date order: Estimating publication dates is imprecise due to variability in the time it takes to review, prepare and submit the proceedings to AIP Publishing.

For events listed under "Submitted and in production" we have very recently received the files and are working on their production and publication.

For all other events which have already taken place we are currently awaiting submission of the proceedings papers.

Authors wishing to receive an update on progress for proceedings not yet submitted are asked to contact their conference organizer(s) for further information. Authors needing assistance in contacting their editor can write to the AIP Proceedings team and we'll do our best to advise and assist.

We have omitted a number of conferences that signed contracts to publish their proceedings but subsequently failed to submit their papers. Further events may be removed from our forthcoming schedule where we consider it extremely unlikely that papers will be submitted or where the delay in submission renders the publication obsolete.

This section lists the proceedings most recently submitted to AIP Publishing. Our typical online publication time is approximately 4 weeks from submission–subject to all proceedings materials being prepared in accordance with our production requirements.

23rd Conference on Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Date: 26-29 September 2017

Location: Santiago, Chile

International Conference on Science & Engineering in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

Date: 20-21 January 2018

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

The 8th Annual Basic Science International Conference

Date: 6–7 March 2018

Location: East Java, Indonesia

A Joint Conference of Brawijaya University and Ritsumeikan University: The 9th International Conference on Global Resource Conservation (ICGRC) & AIJ from Ritsumeikan University

Date: 7–8 March 2018

Location: Malang City, Indonesia

International Conference on Manufacturing, Optimization, Industrial and Material Engineering

Date: 24–25 March 2018

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

3rd International Sciences, Technology & Engineering Conference (ISTEC) 2018 - Material Chemistry

Date: 18–20 April 2018

Location: Penang, Malaysia

International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Technology (Iconset 2018)

Date: 19–20 April 2018

Location: Karnataka, India

4th International Conference on Green Design and Manufacture 2018

Date: 29–30 April 2018

Location: Minh City, Vietnam

4th workshop on “State of the Art in Nuclear Cluster Physics”

Date: 13–18 May 2018

Location: Texas, USA

Mechatronics Systems and Materials 2018

Date: 4–6 June 2018

Location: Zakopane, Poland

International Conference of Young Astrophysicists and Astronomers 2018

Date: 8 June 2018

Location: Padua, Italy

10th International Conference for Promoting the Application of Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences

Date: 20–25 June 2018

Location: Albena, Bulgaria

2nd International Conference on Environment, Chemical Engineering & Materials

Date: 22–24 June 2018

Location: Sliema, Malta

3rd International Conference on Current Progress in Mathematics and Science 2017

Date: 26-27 July 2018

Location: Bali, Indonesia

4th Electronic and Green Materials International Conference 2018

Date: 27–28 July 2018

Location: Bandung, Indonesia

6th International Conference on Production, Energy and Reliability 2018

Date: 13–14 August 2018

Location: Russia

9th International Conference on the Methods of Aerophysical Research ICMAR 2018

Date: 13–19 August 2018

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

International Conference on Chemistry, Chemical Process and Engineering

Date: 14–15 August 2018

Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

International Conference on Inventive Material Science Applications

Date: 27-28 September 2018

Location: Tamil Nadu, India

The 4th International Symposium on Applied Chemistry

Date: 1-2 November 2018

Location: Banten, Indonesia

Events in 2019

International Conference on Optoelctronics and Nanomaterials for Advanced Technology

Date: 3–5 January 2019

Location: Ernakulam, India

2019 7th International Conference on Nano and Materials Science

Date: 4–7 January 2019

Location: California, USA

8th International Symposium on Design, Operation, and Control of Chemical Processes

Date: 13 - 17 January 2019

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences and its Applications

Date: 17–19 January 2019

Location: Lakeland, FL, USA

3rd International Conference on Advances in Materials, Machinery, Electronics

Date: 19–20 January 2019

Location: Wuhan, China

2nd International Conference on Inventive Research in Material Science and Technology (ICIRMCT 2019)

Date: 30 - 31 January 2019

Location: Coimbatore, India

International Conference on Advances in Basic Sciences

Date: 7-9 February 2019

Location: Haryana, India

4th Innovation and Analytics Conference & Exhibition

Date: 26-28 March 2019

Location: Sintok Kedah, Malaysia

International Conference on Trends in Material Science and Inventive Materials (ICTMIM 2019)

Date: 28-29 March 2019

Location: Coimbatore, India

2nd International Conference on Biosciences and Medical Engineering

Date: 11-12 April 2019

Location: Bali, Indonesia

International Symposium Green and Sustainable Technology (ISGST2019)

Date: 23-26 April 2019

Location: Kampur, Malaysia

22nd International ESAFORM conference on Material Forming

Date: 24–26 April 2019

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 2019

Date: 1-5 March 2019

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Polymer Processing Society-35

Date: 27-30 May 2019

Location: Izmir, Turkey

International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Optimization (ICAMeO)

Date: 13 - 15 June 2019

Location: Kerala, India

38th Meeting Of Departments of Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

Date: 18-21 June 2019

Location: Demanovska Dolina, Slovakia

Novel Trends in Rheology VIII

Date: 30–31 July 2019

Location: Zlin, Czech Republic

Events in 2018

2018 6th International Conference on Nano and Materials Science

Date: 15–17 January 2018

Location: Lakeland, FL, USA

International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering 2018

Date: 14–18 March 2018

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

2nd International Conference on Materials Science, Energy Technology, Power Engineering

Date: 14–15 April 2018

Location: Busan, South Korea

International Conference on Mathematical and Related Sciences

Date: 30 April–4 May 2018

Location: Antalya, Turkey

International Congress on Solar Energy Research, Technology and Applications

Date: 8–10 May 2018

Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco

International Conference on Science & Engineering in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics

Date: 12 May 2018

Location: Tangah, Indonesia

Polymer Processing Society-34

Date: 21–25 May 2018

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Fatigue Failure and Fracture Mechanics XXVII

Date: 22–25 May 2018

Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland

Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2018

Date: 1–14 June 2018

Location: Sinaia, Romania

13th International Conference on Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation

Date: 11–15 June 2018

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

17th conference of Energy Machines and Equipment, Thermomechanics and Fluid Mechanics

Date: 13–14 June 2018

Location: Pilsen, Czech Republic

XV Mexican Symposium on Medical Physics

Date: 13–15 June 2018

Location: Coyoacan, Mexico

2D Systems of the Strong Correlated Electrons: From Fundamental Research to Practical Applications

Date: 18–23 June 2018

Location: Yakutsk, Russia

13th International Conference on Hypernuclear and Strange Particle Physics

Date: 24–29 June 2018

Location: Virginia, USA

45th Annual Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation

Date: 15–19 July 2018

Location: Vermont, USA

3rd International Seminar on Chemistry

Date: 18–19 July 2018

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

31st International Symposium on Rarefied Gas Dynamics

Date: 23–27 July 2018

Location: Glasgow, UK

Second International Conference of Mathematical Sciences

Date: 31 July–6 August 2018

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering

Date: 10–11 August 2018

Location: Karnataka, India

Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry

Date: 12–17 August 2018

Location: Texas, USA

National Conference on Frontiers in Modern Physics

Date: 16–17 August 2018

Location: West Bangel, India

International Conference on X-Rays and Related Techniques in Research & Industries 2018

Date: 18–19 August 2018

Location: Kelantan, Malaysia

18th International Conference on Positron Annihilation (ICPA-18)

Date: 19–24 August 2018

Location: Florida, USA

2018 International Conference on Nano Science & Technology

Date: 24–26 August 2018

Location: Sapporo, Japan

Tenth Jubilee Conference of Balkan Physical Union

Date: 26–30 August 2018

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

7th International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Date: 28-31 August 2018

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

6th International symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources

Date: 3-7 September 2018

Location: Novosibirsk, Russia

Turkish Physical Society 34th Intenrational Physics Congress

Date: 5–9 September 2018

Location: Mugla, Turkey

International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2018

Date: 13-18 September 2018

Location: Rhodes, Greece

XV-th Stability of Structures Symposium

Date: 17-21 September 2018

Location: Zakopane, Poland

Leiden Workshop on Global Optimization

Date: 18-21 September 2018

Location: Leiden, The Netherlands

National Conference on Recent Advances in Condensed Matter Physics

Date: 19-20 September 2018

Location: Kurukshetra, India

SolarPACES 2018 Conference – 24th Conference on Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

Date: 2-5 October 2018

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

International Conference on Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical, and Chemical Engineering

Date: 9-11 October 2018

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

30th International Biophysics Congress

Date: 10-13 October 2018

Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Computer Engineering Techniques TKI 2018

Date: 16-19 October 2018

Biomolecular and Biotechnology Symposium of The 1st International Conference on Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, and Biomedical Engineering

Date: 19-20 October 2018

Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

8th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Date: 24-26 October 2018

Location: Budapest, Hungary

4th International Conference NANOCON 018 "Nanotechnology, Applications Advances and Innovations

Date: 25-26 October 2018

Location: Pune, India

3rd International Conference on Materials Science, Resource and Environmental Engineering

Date: 26–28 October 2018

Location: Changsha City, China

International Scientific Session on Applied Mechanics X

Date: November 2018

Location: Bydgoszcz, Poland

11th Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering

Date: 7-8 November 2018

Location: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2018 International Conference on Frontiers of Biological Sciences and Engineering (FBSE 2018)

Date: 23-24 November 2018

Location: Chongqing City, China

The International Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Technology 2018

Date: 28-30 November 2018

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Prof. Dinesh Varshney memorial National Conference on Physics and Chemistry of Materials

Date: 3-4 December 2018

Location: Indore, India

International Conference on Renewable and Alternate Energy (ICRAE-2018)

Date: 4-6 December 2018

Location: Guwahati, India

International Conference on Applied physics, Power and Material science

Date: 5-6 December 2018

Location: Telangana, India

International conference on Material Science, Smart Structures and Applications

Date: 6-7 December 2018

Location: Erode, India

International Meeting on Energ Storage Devices

Date: 10-12 December 2018

Location: Roorkee, India

The 5rd International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Industrial Application

Date: 12-13 December 2018

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

National Conference on Mathematical Analysis and Computing

Date: 13-14 December 2018

Location: Tamil Nadu, India

International conference on “Multidimensional Role of Basic Science in Advanced Technology”

Date: 14-15 December 2018

Location: Nagpur, India

Second International Conference on Polymer Composites 2018

Date: 15-16 December 2018

Location: Mangalore, India

8th BSME International Conference on Thermal Engineering

Date: 19-21 December 2018

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

4th International Conference on Energy Science and Applied Technology

Date: 29-30 December 2018

Location: Chongqing City, China

2018 3rd Green Building Technologies and Materials (GBTM 2018)

Date: 29-30 December 2018

Location: Chingmai, Thailand

Events in 2017

8th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas

Date: 21-26 May 2017

Location: Praque, Czech Republic

PPS Europe Africa Conference 2017

Date: 27-29 June 2017

Location: Dresden, Germany

12th International Workshop on Non-Neutral Plasmas

Date: 10-13 July 2017

Location: Appleton, WI, USA

6th International Conference on Women in Physics

Date: 16 July 2017

Location: Birmingham, UK

3rd International Conference on Current Progress in Mathematics and Science 2017

Date: 26-27 July 2017

Location: Bali, Indonesia

6th International Eurasian Conference on Mathematical Sciences and Applications

Date: 15-18 August 2017

Location: Budapest, Hungary

International Workshop on Physics with Positrons at Jefferson Lab

Date: 12–15 September 2017

Location: Newport News, VA, USA

V International conference for young scientists, post-graduate students and students «Isotopes: technologies, materials and application»

Date: 18-22 September 2017

Location: Tomsk, Russia

7th International Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Date: 26-28 September 2017

Location: Offenburg, Germany

The 6th Engineering International Conference

Date: 11-12 October 2017

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

International Conference on Engineering & Technology

Date: 23–23 November 2017

Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia

International Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology in Engineering and Medical Science

Date: 20-21 November 2017

Location: Langkawi, Malaysia

Polymer Processing Society-33

Date: 10-14 December 2017

Location: Cancun, Mexico

1st International Conference on Mathematical Methods in the Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Date: 16–17 December 2017

Location: Shenzhen, China

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