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    ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
    1.Ei Compendex /Conference Proceedings Citation index All Proceedings Scientific Conferences in United Arab Emirates2035-02-202035-02-24United Arab Emirates
    2.3rd International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, Business and Management Studies (SEBMS)2020-12-012020-12-11United Arab Emirates
    3.3rd International Conference on Advancement in Business, Finance, Management and Social Science (ABFMS)2020-11-032020-11-13United Arab Emirates
    4.3rd International Conference on Research Methodology Strategic Leadership and Social Science Innovation (RMLS)2020-10-162020-10-17United Arab Emirates
    5.2020 – XXIInd International Conference on Business, Education, Law, Language & Psychology (ICBELLP), 17-18 October, Abu Dhabi Online2020-10-152020-10-17United Arab Emirates
    6.2020 – 21st International Conference on Research in Life-Sciences & Healthcare (ICRLSH), 15-16 October, Dubai Online2020-10-122020-10-15United Arab Emirates
    7.7th ICSTR Dubai – International Conference on Science & Technology Research, 14-15 October 2020 Online2020-10-122020-10-14United Arab Emirates
    8.7th Dubai – International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 13-14 October 2020 Online2020-10-112020-10-13United Arab Emirates
    9.23rd ICTEL 2020 – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning, 12-13 October, Dubai Online2020-10-102020-10-12United Arab Emirates
    10.8th International Conference on Soft Computing (SCOM 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    11.7th International Conference on Computer Networks & Communications (CCNET 2020)  2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    12.8th International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (CSE 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    13.7th International Conference on Signal Processing (CSIP 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    14.8th International Conference on Database and Data Mining (DBDM 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    15.8th International Conference on Instrumentation and Control Systems (CICS 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    16.4th International Conference on Trends in Mechanical Engineering (MECE 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    17.4th International Conference on Electrical & Computer Engineering (E&C 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    18.4th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEEN 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    19.4th International Conference on Soft Computing, Mathematics and Control (SMC 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    20.5th International Conference on Education (EDU 2020)2020-09-272020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    21.International Conference on Software Engineering, Security and Blockchain (SESBC 2020)2020-09-202020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    22.International Conference on Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT (BMLI 2020)2020-09-202020-12-12United Arab Emirates
    23.4th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing and Applications (AISCA 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    24.4th International Conference on Software Engineering And Applications (SOEA 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    25.4th International Conference on Networks and Communications (NET 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    26.4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering & Applications (MEAP 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    27.4th International Conference on Advances in Engineering (AE 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    28.4th International Conference on Civil Engineering (CE 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    29.4th International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ELEC 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    30.6th International Conference on Circuits and Systems (CIRSY 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    31.International Conference on Data Mining and NLP (DNLP 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    32.International Conference on Machine Learning, IOT and Blockchain (MLIOB 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    33.International Conference on Big Data & Health Informatics (BDHI 2020)2020-09-202020-11-28United Arab Emirates
    34.International Conference on Education and Integrating Technology (EDTECH 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    35.6th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (AISO 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    36.7th International Conference on Computer Science and Engineering (CSEN 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    37.6th International Conference of Control Theory and Computer Modelling (CTCM 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    38.6th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SOFEA 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    39.6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition (SIPR 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
    40.6th International Conference of Networks, Communications, Wireless and Mobile Computing (NCWC 2020)2020-09-202020-10-24United Arab Emirates
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