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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.Indian Engineering Congress2017-12-152017-12-21India
2.26th International Conference on Clinical Diabetes2017-12-142017-12-14U.K.
3.How to Effectively Coach2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
4.Presentation Skills for IT Professionals2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
5.Strategic Planning and Execution: The 1-2-3 Year Plan for Enterprise Success2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
6.How to Effectively Coach2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
7.Putting the Quality in Audit Reports2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
8.The Role of Internal Audit in CECL Compliance2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
9.Import FDA in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Authorized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) System2017-12-142017-12-14U.S.A
10.How to Validate and use Excel Requirements2017-12-132017-12-14U.S.A
11.Stay Interviews: A Powerful Employee Engagement and Retention Strategies2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
12.Communication Skills Training Courses2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
13.Marketing to Medicare or Medicaid Beneficiaries - What You Can and Cannot Do2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
14.SBA: Projecting Cash Flow - Best Practices and Evaluation Techniques2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
15.HIPAA and social media violations of HIPAA’s privacy requirements2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
16.FDA Inspections: What Regulations Expect2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
17.FDA Inspections: What Regulations Expect2017-12-132017-12-13U.S.A
18.2017 International Conference on Mechanical Control and Automation Technology (ICMCAT 2017)2017-12-122017-12-30China
19.2017年第五届力学和机电一体化国际会议【ICMM2017】[EI & ISTP 双检索]2017-12-122017-12-15China
20.2017 – 31st – International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL), Dec 14-15, Mauritius2017-12-122017-12-14Mauritius
21.3rd Mauritius International Conference on Social Science & Humanities (ICSSH), 14-15 December 20172017-12-122017-12-14Mauritius
22.5 Components of Emotional Intelligent Leader2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
23.System Development Life Cycle Approach to Computer System Validation and FDA Compliance2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
24.Living Trusts for Peace of Mind2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
25.B2B Payments in the U.S. and the Compliance Issues They Face2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
26.Payroll Rules & Administration Made Simple2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
27.Payroll Rules & Administration Made Simple2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
28.Implementation and Management of GMP Data Integrity2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
29.Implementation and Management of GMP Data Integrity2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
30.The Alarming State of Wire Transfer Fraud2017-12-122017-12-12U.S.A
31.2017 International Symposium on Advanced and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology (ISAIMT 2017)2017-12-112017-12-30China
32.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
33.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
34.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
35.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
36.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
37.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
38.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
39.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
40.合成化学研究 Studies in Synthetic Chemistry2017-12-112017-12-14China
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