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ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
2.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
3.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
4.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
5.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
6.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
7.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
8.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
9.创新教育研究 Creative Education Studies2018-12-112018-12-12China
10.食品与发酵工业Food and Fermentation Industries2018-12-112018-12-12China
11.长江科学院院报 Journal of Yangtze River Scientific Research Institute2018-12-112018-12-12China
12.社会科学前沿-Advances in Social Sciences2018-12-112018-12-12Canada
13.Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response ISSN: 2210-85052018-12-112018-12-12American Samoa
14.Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications ISSN: 1538-78872018-12-112018-12-12Bolivia
15.Contracting with Physician Leaders: An Examination of Medical Director Arrangements and other Administrative Contracts2018-12-112018-12-12U.S.A
16.Business Associates - What to Expect in 2019 - 5 Steps to HIPAA Compliance2018-12-112018-12-12U.S.A
17.Achieving a Healthy Workforce - a Sprint or the Boston Marathon?2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
18.Importance of Proper Documentation and Retention2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
19.13th Biosimilars Congregation 20182018-12-112018-12-11India
20.Changing Anxiety to Contentment in 90 Seconds2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
21.Excel - Data Visualization and Infographics2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
22.Webinar on Business Writing for Results: Make Your Emails Sizzle with Clarity and Impact2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
23.TIN Compliance, B Notices and Backup Withholding : Avoid Fines and Stay Compliant2018-12-112018-12-11U.S.A
24.114th International Conference on New Trends in Engineering, Science & Management2018-12-102018-12-22India
25.116th International Conference on Innovative Trends in Engineering, Science and Management2018-12-102018-12-21India
26.2nd International Conference on Interdisciplinary Studies for Leveraging Innovation (ISLI)2018-12-102018-12-20Japan
27.(EI&SCOPUS) The 2nd International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology 2017 (2nd ICMSET 2017)2018-12-102018-12-15South Korea
28.IOSRD- 123rd International Conference on Innovation For Next Generation, (SCOPUS, UGC, H-Index, EBSCO, Ulrich, Google Scholar, IOSRD International Journals, etc.2018-12-102018-12-14India
29.Future Trends in 21 CFR 11 compliance for (Excel Spreadsheets)2018-12-102018-12-12U.S.A
30.Excel Spreadsheets for 21 CFR 11 Compliance2018-12-102018-12-12U.S.A
31.Sample Size Determination for Design Validation Activities2018-12-102018-12-12U.S.A
32.Neurology Conference2018-12-102018-12-11Spain
33.Patient Rights, Medical Records and HIPAA - What You Need to Know as a Healthcare Provider2018-12-102018-12-11U.S.A
34.22nd International Conference on Advanced Materials and Simulation2018-12-102018-12-10U.K.
35.A Leer, A Pat, A Joke, A Gesture, An Innuendo, A Kiss: Are You Prepared To Be the Next Social Media Blitz, Identified on #MeToo, or a Headline in the Newspaper?2018-12-102018-12-10U.S.A
36.Ultimate Business Intelligence and Automation with Excel: 5-Hour Virtual Seminar2018-12-102018-12-10U.S.A
37.Unlocking the Power of Non-Monetary Rewards : Engage and Motivate Employees with Alternate Strategies2018-12-102018-12-10U.S.A
38.Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Excel, PowerPoint and Word2018-12-102018-12-10U.S.A
39.Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 (Data Integrity)2018-12-092018-12-11U.S.A
40.Handling Situations Where Regulation (E and ACH) Don't Align2018-12-092018-12-11U.S.A
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