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Featured Contents
ConferenceDeadline DateCountry
1.IACSIT- 2014 International Conference on Mechatronics and Intelligent Manufacturing2014-06-202014-11-05Bahrain
2.IACSIT- 2014 3rd International Conference on Computing and Computer Vision2014-03-152014-06-02U.K.
3.AEROTECH V Conference (with Scopus, ISI Journal Publication)2014-03-312014-10-29Malaysia
5.The 6th International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service (ICIMCS 2014)2014-03-102014-07-10China
6.The 2nd International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud2014-03-152014-08-27Spain
7.4th International Symposium on Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems2014-05-102014-05-22Italy
8.Victorians Like Us 2nd International Conference. The household: power, policies, practices2014-05-162014-11-26Portugal
9.Cultural Relations Quarterly Review, National and ethnic minority issues in Europe2014-04-152014-05-15Online
10.2014 International Conference on Future Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering (MEME 2014)2014-06-202014-06-21U.K.
11.6-hr Virtual Seminar: Latin America – Understanding Regulatory Compliance Requirements Across the Life Science Industry2014-07-012014-07-01U.S.A
12.Medical Devices: EU Directives, Guidance Documents, CE Marking Process and ISO Certification Programs2014-06-242014-06-24U.S.A
13.Establishing a Medical Device Complaint Handling System integrated with a UDI System2014-05-222014-05-22U.S.A
14.21 CFR Part 820 - Quality System Regulation -Applying Principles of Lean Documents and Lean Configuration2014-05-212014-05-21U.S.A
15.Implementing a Medical Device Reporting (MDR) System Integrated with a UDI System2014-05-072014-05-07U.S.A
16.China: Compliance Processes for Life Science Products (Company Establishment, Clinical Trials, Registrations, Renewals and Supply Chain Considerations)2014-05-012014-05-01U.S.A
17.US, EU and Japan GMP Requirements: Practical ICH Area Differences, Healthcare Authority Inspection Focus2014-04-292014-04-29U.S.A
18.Intercollegiate Sustainable Energy Network Seminar2014-03-152014-06-19Canada
19.1st International Workshop on Human Aspects of Making Recommendations in Social Ubiquitous Networking Environments2014-03-102014-06-16China
20.Globle Floor Summit2014-05-122014-05-14China
21.2014 the 3rd International Conference on Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics (ICAMDM2014)2014-04-152014-05-23Singapore
22.IDEAS 2014: 18th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium2014-03-242014-07-07Portugal
23.11th International Workshop on Text-Based Information Retrieval, TIR'142014-04-242014-09-01Germany
24.The Material Research Society of Indonesia (MRS-id) Meeting 20142014-06-152014-09-26Indonesia
25.2014 Global Hospitality, Tourism Marketing & Management Conference2014-05-202014-09-04Japan
26.International Conference on Interdisciplinary of Business , E-Commerce and Informative Management2014-03-302014-05-11United Arab Emirates
27.International Conference on Future Computing and Communication System2014-03-302014-05-10United Arab Emirates
28.2014 International Conference on Environment and Natural Resources2014-05-052014-07-29China
29.2014 International Conference on Advances in Biology and Chemistry2014-05-052014-07-29China
30.ReThinking Management 2014: The Impact of Cultural Turns2014-04-152014-10-16Germany
31.The Second International Conference on Computing, Measurement, Control and Sensor Network2014-02-282014-05-16Taiwan
32.III International Higher Education Congress2014-06-152014-10-06Costa Rica
33.2014 International Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering and Life Science Conference2014-05-202014-09-04Japan
34.IACSIT- 2014 International Conference on Robotics and Computer Vision2014-07-102014-10-24China
35.IACSIT- 2014 International conference on Networks and Information Security2014-07-052014-10-24China
36.IACSIT- The 2014 6th International Conference on Graphic and Image Processing2014-07-052014-10-24China
37.IACSIT- 2014 3rd International Conference on Mechanics and Control Engineering2014-06-102014-10-26U.S.A
38.18th International Database Engineering & Applications Symposium2014-03-232014-07-07Portugal
39.Android Developer Days2014-05-162014-05-16Turkey
40.The First International conference on Poverty and Sustainable Development - 20142014-04-302014-06-17Sri Lanka
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